Yoni Reclamation Therapy

This is NOT a tantric or sexual massage

This is Sacred, Transformational, Conscious + Consent-Led

It’s a beautiful culmination of Neuro-Science meets Sacred.
Yoni Reclamation Therapy is a full-bodied somatic healing experience; integrating mind + body therapies to recalibrate the nervous system, re-wire the neural & limbic pathways of trauma and re-awaken our connection to Self, pleasure & vibrancy.

Each session will include:

• Shadow work
• Trauma-mapping
• Womb & Breast Massage
• Internal & External Yoni Massage

Opening each session with a Cacao ceremony and a guided meditation to connect us together setting the space and intention together for healing.
We spend approx 2-3 hours journeying through Shadow work using reflective writing to explore the shadows, combined with Trauma-Mapping, Family Constellations, Entangled Roots & Guided Visualisations.
You will then experience 3-4 hours of a deeply feminine, nurturing + sacred massage that connects to every unspoken space within a female body.
The massage is a conscious, consent-led and nurturing blend of a full body holistic massage, (external) womb, breast, sacrum, coccyx + inner thigh and internal & external yoni.
Every part of our body stores different trauma patterns, tensions and memories; our inner thighs, external yoni folds and internal vaginal walls are no exception. This is where we find some of our deepest shadow patterns stored in the tissues; which results in a holding of tension, a lack of safety, sense of mistrust and physical discomfort, desensitisation or numbness.
Combining internal & external mapping and palpation, we are body-led to the areas of tension, numbness or pain. Using Trigger points, reflexology, Myofascial release and breath work whilst communicating with our client to explore what is arising; the yoni is able to release the “tension/trauma/pain”, setting her free to reclaim her Yoni.
Pure, safe, devoted, nourishing, luxurious Goddess therapy sessions
Designed to honour YOU as a woman, to reignite your sensuality, your sexuality, your sense of safety…

Who is this for?

"This therapy is for you" if:

1. You’ve ever been shamed or felt shame around your sexuality.

2.You’ve lost your sensuality, sexuality, creativity or purpose.

3.You’ve been abused, had non-consensual sex, had uncomfortable, drunken, disconnected or disassociated sex.

4. You want to reconnect, reclaim & reawaken your femininity, your power, yourself

5. You want to be set free from the self-limiting beliefs, the trauma patterns + the shadows lingering deep within.

6.  You experience
menstrual pain or conditions.

7. Fertility issues, baby loss or termination.


8. Pelvic dysfunction.

9. Sexual dysfunction; painful sex or problems with experiencing orgasms.

10. Womb or Yoni disconnection, desensitized, numbness, pain or trauma. (sexual, emotional or physical abuse)


Initial Session!

An immersive conscious, consent-led therapy session to nourish + nurture your whole mind + body to welcome you “home” into your fully reclaimed, awakened + aligned self.
Your 8-9 hours of deep nourishment includes:
• A Cacao ceremony and reflective writing; to explore the shadows that are hidden deep within.
• Trauma-Mapping, Family Constellations, Entangled Roots & Guided Visualisations
• A powerful blend of womb, yoni + trauma release massage with shamanic healing practices
• 3-4 hours of luxurious, sacred and nurturing external + internal massage, inviting you to feel so unbelievably held + safe, as you surrender, experiencing all the parts of your body as they unravel, restructure & recalibrate.
• Grounding Ceremony including light snacks
Self-Care Gift Package inclusions:
• Self-Help online Womb Massage programme to continue nurturing & connecting at home
• Guided Meditations
• Medicine Bag
• Access to an online tool-bag


Intensive Healing Session (8 hours) including: Shadow Therapy, Womb & Yoni Massage (Internal with consent) + Self-Care Package

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