Trauma Release Massage Therapy

" A Dance between Shiva & Shakti "

This science-based, somatic therapy supports clients to release stored trauma from within the body to give freedom, by discharging the energy of trauma that was unable to be processed at the time.

We know the famous saying “Your body keeps the score”. This therapy uses compassionate talking therapy to unearth the roots of the trauma; whether it shows up as physical conditions or emotional beliefs and patterns. Once the root has been recognised, the therapy brings in movement to shake the origin from the body safely, helping to return the body to a more balanced Nervous System state.

Who is this for?

What’s your story?

1.You feel that you have hit a wall with your healing journey.

2. You feel that talking therapies have only taken you so far.

3. You feel ready to release the trauma you hold.

4. You feel that you are stuck in old patterns and/or trauma responses.

5. Your body is craving for this sense of freedom and reactivation of your calm parasympathetic state.


Initial Session!

The session starts by acknowledging the trauma that the client feels had the biggest impact on their life. An explanation of how trauma affects us, the different states of the nervous system and an acceptance of their story.

Following a process of identification of the sensations felt; prior, during and after the event, we are able to physically return to that freeze state.

Working with the physiology of the trauma in a safe environment, to disperse the energy through physical movement, thus freeing the body of the “dorsal” nervous system state.

Followed by a nourishment of the parasympathetic nervous system to relax and surrender, to reactivate the ventral state.

This therapy is given fully clothed, combining movement & music to bring the medicine that your body craves.


Trauma Release Massage Session (3 hrs) including: Trauma Release Massage + Trauma Exploration

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