Associate Instructor

Carol Jones


Jacqui Ward began working in the healing arts as a Hawaiian Massage therapist 22 years ago which ignited her passion for healing through the magic and power of human touch and connection. She studied in a Feminine Mystery School for 6 years becoming a Womb Awakening Teacher trainer.  Discovering Womb and Fertility Massage was an exciting combination of Womb wisdom and Bodywork which led to becoming one of Australia’s Womb & Fertility Massage Associate instructors. A deep interest in Feminine Embodiment has led to further trainings in Holistic Pelvic Care TM, Moving Medicines, Sensual Embodied Dance and Feminine Medicine Coaching.

Jacqui currently offers luxurious bodywork sessions and packages, Women’s Circles and retreats, Sacred Woman’s Embodiment practices, journeying with Cacao, Sensual Embodied Dance and is a current student of Women’s Somatic Psychotherapeutic Coaching.

Jacqui facilitates with warmth, genuine care, curiosity and humour. She has a flair for creating safe & transformational spaces for women to relax and unravel into themselves. Jacqui offers you an invitation to embark on a deep journey to dance in the mystery within.

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