Is Womb & Fertility Massage the same as Mayan, Mizan, Abdominal Sacral Massage?

It’s a question we get asked a lot and the simple answer is that all of these therapies have the same focus in helping to support women’s health through physical touch.

All of the therapies are born from traditional cultures, of which there are many around the world – there is no right or wrong method, you will be called to work with the therapy that feels right for you. Some of the therapies have a more “protocol driven focus” or may place a stronger emphasis on different areas; they will all be beneficial to the woman coming to receive as they will get what they need at that time of their life.

How is Womb & Fertility Massage different?

Womb & Fertility Massage is a blend of traditional techniques and intuitive wisdom and has evolved over 13 years of my experience.

The core essence of the therapy is a gentle, fluid and feminine approach to massaging the whole torso area, bringing in techniques from Pulsing, Rebozo and Energy work to help the body to release tension and emotional blocks. We invite all students to connect to their own heart & womb, enabling them to better connect with their client, intuitively gaining a sense of where her body needs physical or spiritual touch rather than applying a strict protocol of how the therapy should be performed.

On the course, techniques are taught and followed for the first 3 days; participants are then able to deliver a treatment on the 4th day that is intuitive, using the techniques as they wish, to deliver a treatment that is created for their “client” giving them what they feel she needs on that day.

With an emphasis on ceremony and ritual; each treatment will leave the client feeling more connected to her body and free from tensions stored in the body, whether physical or emotional.

What makes the Womb & Fertility Massage Course Different from others?

I can only share what the experience is like on the Womb & Fertility Massage course, as I have not experienced others and each woman who is hearing the call to do this women’s work will intuitively know which course is calling them strongly.

Womb & Fertility Massage Course

Womb & Fertility Massage is a unique training; blending the spiritual with physical massage. A nurturing, fluid & feminine abdominal & sacral massage, with the emphasis on womb health, menstrual health and fertility.

“This is so much more than a massage course!”

During the 4 days you will learn the Womb & Fertility Massage “protocol”, with lots of time to both practise and receive this beautifully relaxing therapy, which focuses on all the areas that we as women hold tension, hormonal imbalance & past experiences. This means that we can allow ourselves to sink deeply into the senses and our womb spaces, so that we can begin to acknowledge and heal our own womb wounds as we train, whilst being held in safe space by experienced tutors. This is part of the process to then be able to support other women in their healing journey.

You will be greeted by a womb meditation and blessing, sit in circle and share with a sisterhood ~ a gift in its self.

We will tap into the menstrual cycle inner seasons and what they mean to us, and use visualisation to reclaim the energies of the womb and Spiral Ceremony.

You will also get to experience a wrapping with Rebozo scarves, which we call “Restoring the Soul”, similar to a “Closing of The Bones”, which many experience as a “rebirth”.

*images by Gaby van Ampting

On completion of the 4 days, you will be invited into our private FB forum, where over 500 practitioners openly share both personal and professional stories, advice & support. This is a piece of pure magic as we support each others as true sisters. There is no charge and yet this support is INVALUABLE for the practitioner.

Course Experience

Day One – Nymph

As you enter into the space, you feel a buzzing of excitement as you step forwards onto a new path, tinged with a little ungrounded, nervousness as to what is to come. The day starts with a sharing circle and meditation, with a Mind, Heart & Womb Blessing – an initiation as you cross the first threshold, being welcomed into the sisterhood. Followed by a practical session of the womb massage, igniting exploration within.

Day Two – Creatrix

With a more centred and grounded inner feeling, we start the day exploring the emotional and spiritual aspects of all that is held within our abdomens; all that may be blocking our creative flow. Nurturing each other with the whole abdominal massage we come to close the day with experiencing the Rebozo bodywork, complete with the Restoring the Soul ceremonial wrap. Holding our energy in a safe and connected space as we prepare to enter the next phase.

Day Three – Warrior

The day begins with an exploration of how we can enhance our sexual energy, tapping into an open and honest conversation between sister’s. Delving into the four archetypes of the menstrual cycle followed by an embodied journey through each life phase, menstrual phase and moon phase, we invite raw truths to surface in a safe and held space.

Day Four – Wisdom Keeper

Entering into this day; witnessing the full treatment being gifted as a ceremonial dance, you are then invited to go within and nurture your sister’s through touch, wisdom and love. As you slowly come out of this energy, we connect into the wisdom of our ancestors during a Reclaiming Spiral Ceremony, ready to emerge back into the Nymph phase, having spiralled through a layer with a raised awareness and enhanced consciousness.


Are you hearing the call to train in Womb & Fertility Massage?

We look forward to welcoming you to the sisterhood. You can view the 2020 schedule here

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have: [email protected]