Holistic Massage Course

A 5 Day Intensive Holistic Massage Course that offers a combination of traditional & unique techniques; creating outstanding massage therapists!

Immerse yourself in a bespoke 5-day training experience of holistic massage and healing. 💗 Learn traditional & sacred techniques 💗 Discover your own unique massage style 💗 Experience a personal self-development journey. Become an accredited L3 Certified Holistic Massage Therapist.

Course Outline

Module 1

• Welcome Circle + Cacao
• Womb Blessing & Grounding Meditation
• 10 Basic Massage Techniques
• Practical – Back
• Practical – Head, Face & Neck

Module 2

• Introduction to Energy
• Practical Legs, Chest + Arms
• Practical Basics of Reflexology

Module 3

• Introduction to Trauma;
• Core Wounds, Trauma Mapping & How Trauma is stored
• Embodied Movement
• Practical – Embodied Rhythmic Massage

Module 4

• Rebozo Cloth & Restoring The Soul Ceremony
• Practical of Full Body Treatments

Module 5

• Q&A
• Complete Full Body Ceremony + Practical
• Closing the Circle with Fire Release + Commitment Ceremony

Holistic Massage and Healing

Who is this for?

Certification is for you if you've ever:

1. Wanted to learn techniques to perform a full body holistic massage

2. Been called to learn the sacred art of touch

3. Wanted a more unique, bespoke and personal massage learning experience

4. Wished to experience your own self development journey

5. Felt the desire to ignite your passion, find your purpose and follow your path


Course Prospectus

Click below to download the course prospectus to learn more about the Holistic Massage Course.

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