Fertility Massage Therapy

Heal the Womb, Heal the Woman

Fertility Massage encompasses all that the “womb massage” does, but the consultation focuses more on the fertility journey.

Sometimes, a fertility journey isn’t JUST about the hormone levels or dietary needs (although they of course play a huge part), often the “emotional” aspects are overlooked.

The “story” that women or their partner is carrying is JUST as important.

This isn’t JUST a massage…
This is an unravelling, an exploration and a journey through the lineage or the stories of their past. Fertility Massage is a somatic experience, so we NEED to unearth the depths of the story to release it from the body.

The reproductive organs are the ONLY expendable system in the body, so if the body isn’t feeling SAFE, it will shut down.

Our vagus nerve connects into our reproductive organs, so it is vital we focus on the physical and emotional aspects, aiming to restore vitality + a sense of calm to the Nervous system for fertility to be enhanced

Who is this for?

What’s your fertility story?

1. Have you been trying to conceive for a while or are at the beginning of your journey?

2. Are you already using natural medicine or going through IVF cycles?

3. Do you plan on using an egg or sperm donor?

4.  Have you experienced previous miscarriages or baby loss?

5. Are you in a same sex, different sex, or single trying to conceive?


Initial Session!

Upon booking your Initial appointment, you will be asked to complete & submit a comprehensive consultation form prior to your appointment.
We will discuss your fertility journey, and any emotional aspects that may arise, which will then be followed by a full fertility massage treatment.
After your treatment, you will receive follow up support in the form of information on castor oil packs yoni steams, menstrual charting and fertility lifestyle advice.

All treatments start with Tibetan Bells…this clears the energy, and lets you know that the massage will start. It’s time to allow the stress and worries of the day to be left outside of the massage space.

Treatments start with you receiving the lumbar, sacral and gluteal massage. We are mostly comfortable with receiving back massages, and by starting here, you will have time to relax, slow down and become accustomed to my energy and touch.
When massaging your abdomen, you will be receiving touch from your pubic bone up to your rib-cage, and will include a beautiful blend of oil techniques, pulsing, rebozo and guided visualisations. You will be nurtured, nourished and held in a safe place to allow you to release deep seated emotions that may be blocking your energy.


Fertility Massage Healing Session (2.5hrs) including: Fertility Massage, Consultation + Self-Care Package

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