Entangled Roots Therapy

Entangled Roots Therapy explores the hidden depths of stored trauma that we hold within our cells.

You will explore the 4 Unconscious themes that we hold as generational/ancestral/inherited patterns. Discovering how our early childhood traumas or birthing imprints can deepen those themes or create new ones of our very own.

Recognising the trauma patterns that have been scientifically proven to flow through our cells, we focus on reframing those stories and beliefs.

Developing a strong sense of “where” those patterns are felt + stored within our bodies, to enable us to move, dance, massage, breath and free ourselves from entanglements that restrict our flow in life.

A plethora of tools will be shared both in person and online to provide therapists with the knowledge to support their clients to help them unravel the roots of entanglement.

We will cover healing techniques including: Psychodrama, Family Constellations, Ceremony, Energetic Boundaries, Reframing Visualisations and Embodied Dance.

Understanding how to use a traumamap to recognise where patterns first occurred, or similarities that have run through family lines, is beneficial not only for the therapist but for the client, as recognition followed by acceptance is vital for their healing pathway to unravel.

We are not wishing to trigger negative emotions but choosing to help reframe as our brains do not know the difference between reality and visualisation, thus enabling neuroplasticity to occur and new cellular memories.

Woman I am
Woman I be
Heal my womb
Set me free

It is our responsibility to FREE ourselves from entanglements that restrict our flow. 

We are no longer keepers of those stories

It is our desire as Women, to be FREE…

Free to be your Unique self

Free to express your desires, dreams and visions

Free to invite into your life people that meet or raise your vibration

Free to trust in yourself

FREE to dance through life to your own innate tune