a 3 Day Retreat for Feminine Healing + Empowerment

Empowered Essence Retreat

Welcome to our transformative retreat, a sacred space dedicated to embracing healing, empowerment, and creative expression. 

Join us on a profound journey where we explore the interconnected realms of womb healing, trauma recovery, inherited trauma, pleasure awakening, feminine empowerment, and unleashing the power of creativity.

Mersea Island, Essex

Womb Healing

Delve into the depths of your being as we honour and nurture the sacred space of your womb. Through ancient practice of self womb massage, gentle rituals, and nurturing support, we guide you in reconnecting with the wisdom and healing potential held within your womb.

Menstrual Seasons

Embrace the natural rhythms of your menstrual cycle as a source of wisdom and guidance. Dive into the depths of each archetype through your cycle, discovering the unique energies and gifts they offer. Through an embodied experience and self-reflection, we empower you to cultivate a harmonious relationship with every phase of your cycle.

Trauma and Inherited Trauma

Providing a compassionate environment for individuals seeking to heal from past traumas, as well as explore the intergenerational impact of inherited trauma. Through therapeutic approaches, and family constellations, we offer tools for navigating trauma and reclaiming a sense of wholeness.

Yoni Casting

Embark on a profound exploration of the yoni, the sacred gateway of feminine energy and creativity. Through a yoni casting ceremony, guided visualisations, and sacred rituals, we honour and celebrate the divine essence residing within every woman.


Unlock the boundless potential of your creative spirit. Engage in expressive arts, movement, and innovative practices designed to ignite inspiration and unleash your creative juices. We believe that creativity is a powerful vehicle for self-expression, healing, and personal transformation.

Empowered Feminine

This retreat celebrates the strength, resilience, and wisdom of the feminine spirit. We create a supportive space for women to reclaim their power, honour their unique journey, and cultivate self-love, self-care, and self-expression. Through empowering workshops, sisterhood circles, and sacred rituals, we encourage a deepening of your connection with your inner feminine essence.

Are you a woman that wants to:

  • Connect to your womb, your body or your essence?
  • Understand the energetic shifts of your cycle + embrace each archetype?
  • Acknowledge your trauma patterns + heal from them?
  • Unleash your creativity?
  • Honour your Yoni?

This 3 day retreat is designed for YOU!

Embrace your Essence

Retreat Highlights

  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Self Womb Massage
  • Yoni Casting Ceremony
  • Inherited Trauma
  • Family Constellations
  • Embodied Movement
  • Menstrual Seasons
  • Reflective Writing
  • Creative expression
  • SoundBath Healing



  • Accommodation 2/3 nights
  • 3 Meals per day
  • Workbook
  • Gift Basket


Optional Extras

*2 spaces available

1:1 – 3 hour Womb Goddess Massage

1:1 – 6 hour Yoni Reclamation Therapy

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