Self Help Womb & Fertility Massage

2 Bonus videos: Castor Oil Packs & Psoas Stretches   Massage for your Cycle Variations for TTC, menstruation & regular cycle   Diaphragm Release Easing tension in the diaphragm to aid better breathing   Digestive Flow Improving digestive flow & circulation   Heal the Womb Breathe &  connect to your womb

Rhythmic Massage Accredited

A blend of Pulsing & Rebozo techniques, creates a rhythmical and exceptionally fluid form of holistic bodywork that uses a variety of simple flowing & rocking techniques whilst held safely in cloths; that could be considered unusual for traditional massage.   Creating a dance between the practitioner & client  

Fundamentals of Massage

Welcome to the Fundamentals of Massage Course.  This is for anyone, without prior massage experience, who wishes to learn the Womb & Fertility or Empowered Feminine Massage Courses and provides them with the necessary skills to feel confident in touch. You may be thinking of joining me on the Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage. The Fundamentals […]