WHY Mersea Island?

With the first 7 years of teaching the womb & fertility massage courses being held in venues around the UK with large group sizes, I didn’t think twice about the fact that I was travelling all over, spending months in preparation and juggling being a single mum to my daughter. AND THEN… the pandemic hit, […]

What is Empowered Feminine?

Journey through the process of discovery and healing to EVOLVE to a woman one who can access the wisdom within to EMBODY her true passions, living life as a SELF EMPOWERED woman!   Read on to discover what the Empowered Feminine Therapy sessions involve what is an Empowered Feminine?

How Trauma Impacts Fertility

Too often, on a fertility journey, we can be directed down the route of hormone tests and physical examinations, without really addressing what is going on with our emotional wellbeing. Naturally a fertility journey can be quite traumatic, which can have an immediate effect on our body, however there are multiple layers within which we […]