Meditations As a gift to you during Covid-19, here are some short meditations that you can use either alongside the Self-Care Womb Massage or as a stand-alone meditation. Womb Tree Connecting to Earth & Sky   Womb Room – Creating a nurturing space to welcome a baby soul.   Golden Lotus Flower   Reclaim Your […]

4 Archetypes ~ Embodied on the Course

4 Archetypes ~ Embodied on the Course Journey through each phase of the archetypes, diving into the phases that need healing; completing the course by bringing all 4 archetypes into their power so that you may fulfil your juiciest and deepest path! During the 4 day Womb & Fertility Massage Course, we spend time diving […]

FM going back to Australia!

Fertility Massage Courses in Australia, July/August 2017 Heal the Womb, Heal the Woman “A nourishing blend of therapies to bring a re-connection and re-awakening to women’s bodies and wombs”   In 2015, I visited Australia and taught courses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Over 50 therapists in Australia have now been trained and practise Fertility Massage. The […]

Womb Awareness Week 7-14th November

#LoveYourWomb Womb Awareness Week     #WAW 7th – 14th November 2016 What’s your Womb Word? How do you feel about your womb? What do you know about your womb? The Womb Awareness Week’s focus is to bring awareness to all women’s wombs, regardless of whether they are on a fertility journey or not. Follow me on […]

Fertility Fest

For anyone on a Fertility Journey, Fertility Fest is a fantastic new and innovative event being held in Birmingham and London. A whole new experience, unlike the Fertility Show, this event will have more of an artistic flair mixed with medicine. Read more about the Fertility Fest here I am honoured to have been asked […]

Meet Yesie Aprillia

Yesie Aprillia from Java, Indonesia I’m delighted to introduce the 3rd of our Indonesian ladies joining on the sponsored place. Hi Yesie, would you like to introduce yourself? Hello, I’m Yesie from Indonesia and I’m midwife, doula and prenatal gentle yoga practitioner. I will bring womb message to my work to help and empower every […]

Meet Meilisa from Jakarta

Meilisa Ramadhani Meilisa is from Jakarta, Indonesia and already helps women as a doula, a pre-natal yoga teacher and hypnotherapist. Meilisa will be bringing Womb Massage to these women that she already works with, and will be able to help heal them in the post-natal months. Here is my interview with Meilisa… Can you share what it […]

Meet Dela

Dela Putri from Bogor, Indonesia I’d love to introduce Dela, who was the woman who originally inspired me to look into sponsoring women from Indonesia to be able to do my training. It’s an honour to share the brief interview that I had with Dela… What does it means to you Dela, to be able to do […]

4 Women, Changing Lives

Sponsored Placement on Fertility Massage Course **4 Places Available** I am hosting this beautiful therapy in Bali and I am very aware that women in local communities and nearby countries may be interested in learning this therapy, however, the cost would be an obstacle for them. I would like to raise money to enable 4 women from less-financially […]