How does Fertility Massage differ from other therapies?

Is Womb & Fertility Massage the same as Mayan, Mizan, Abdominal Sacral Massage? It’s a question we get asked a lot and the simple answer is that all of these therapies have the same focus in helping to support women’s health through physical touch. All of the therapies are born from traditional cultures, of which […]

AlphaZita Retreats

AlphaZita True Holistic Care When Conventional & Complementary Medicine come together – Magic Happens!   This team is the FIRST of it’s kind, where leading medical professionals have come together to work with a team of complementary health care professionals to offer the best in fertility care.   Dr. Elias Tsakos from EmbryoClinic had a vision […]

Intuitive Fertility Coach – Joanne Sissons

Meet Joanne Sissons, an intuitive fertility coach who changed her career path when she successfully conceived her 2 children through altering her belief patterns. Joanne was a client of mine, you can read her testimonial here. It is so heart warming to see that Joanne has followed her heart after her own fertility journey led […]

Fertility Fest

For anyone on a Fertility Journey, Fertility Fest is a fantastic new and innovative event being held in Birmingham and London. A whole new experience, unlike the Fertility Show, this event will have more of an artistic flair mixed with medicine. Read more about the Fertility Fest here I am honoured to have been asked […]

Australian Womb Steam

Australian Womb Steams It always delights me when I teach therapists this work, and then they go and CREATE – bringing the essence of their creative wombs to life! One of my lovely therapists in Australia has created a range of 8 different Womb Steam Blends, you can see them all here The range support […]

Q&A for CAM Expo

Q&A with Clare Blake, Workshop Host at CAM Expo “Seeing clients and students grow, heal, and gain clarity is such a powerful and honouring experience” – Clare Blake, founder of Fertility Massage Therapy & Training, talks about why she loves her work (and camexpo) in this exclusive Q&A. Clare Blake N.D. has over 15 years of […]

Rebozo Massage

What is a Rebozo Massage? Blissful, Nurturing, Releasing, Fun, Relaxing, Connecting, Nourishing, Shimmying, Restoring, Flowing, Grounding, Opening… These are a selection of the words that have been used by my clients and students to describe the Rebozo techniques that I use. What exactly is Rebozo & where does it come from? The Rebozo is a traditional shawl woven […]

Fertility Massage Through your Cycle

Fertility Massage Through your Cycle Menstruation (Natural & Assisted) During menstruation, you can still receive the massage, however, the womb area is avoided. The focus will then be on the lumbar/sacral area, digestive, reflexology and head & neck. Rebozo massage is wonderful during this time; to help deeply relax and allow the natural flow of this […]

Fertility Massage in AAMT Magazine

5 page spread in Australia’s leading Massage Magazine! I am delighted that my article on Fertility Massage has been published in AAMT (Australian Association of Massage Therapists) Places are already filling up on the practitioner courses in Sydney & Brisbane, which is fantastic news for those on a fertility journey in either Sydney or Brisbane, […]