Associate Instructor

Carol Jones


After developing skills as an intuitive healer in her twenties, Carol completed a diploma in Holistic Therapeutic Massage and for seven years specialised in physical, sexual & emotional abuse issues. Since moving to Melbourne from London in 2010, she now works almost exclusively with women.

She is trained in both Pregnancy and Fertility Massage Therapy™, and is proud to be an FMT Mentor and Associate Instructor. She has taught Complementary Therapies at degree level in England and now facilitates workshops, retreats and the Fertility Massage Therapy™ diploma training in Australia.

Her own challenging health and fertility journey gives her huge empathy and compassion for the pain and grief that others experience and has naturally found a particular interest in helping women with their own fertility and reproductive health issues, as well as embracing menopause, releasing abuse and trauma and embodying the soul.

Carol has spent most of her adult life learning ceremonial practice and healing from the Shamanic and Tantric traditions. Having experienced the life changing power of womb work personally, she was inspired to develop a range of eight Yoni Steams to be used ceremonially. She is also an Advanced Liquid Crystals practitioner, a Seichim & Reiki Master, and an accomplished Astrologer.

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