Associate Instructor

Bronwyn Lewis

-South Africa

Bronwyn qualified as a Somatologist and Holistic therapist in 2005 and even though she was in the “beauty industry” she always felt a pull towards the healing benefits of therapeutic massage and reflexology. Bronwyn went on to become a trainer for an international product house in 2010, where her passion for teaching was ignited.

After having a dream about receiving a text message about Fertility massage, she woke up the next day and started researching about the Fertility Massage course. Bronwyn came through to London from South Africa in October 2017 to do the course with Clare. 3 weeks after completing the course she fell pregnant with her second child, her daughter. Throughout her pregnancy  she managed to complete her case studies and qualified as a Fertility and womb massage practitioner in March 2019.

Bronwyn finally feels like she has found her calling and is very excited to bring the knowledge and healing benefits of Fertility and Womb massage to South Africa.

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